How often has Pierce County experienced flooding disasters?
Since 1990, Pierce County has experienced a federally - declared flood disaster nine times. According to University of Washington scientists, climate change is projected to increase the frequency of flooding in most western Washington river basins. Future floods are expected to exceed the protective abilities of our existing flood facilities.

Pierce County has 11 significant floodplains along the Puyallup, White, Carbon, Nisqually, Greenwater, and Mashel rivers, and South Prairie Creek. The floodplains range from the very urban nine miles along the lower Puyallup River to the rural Nisqually River between Elbe and Ashford. Many of the levees along these rivers were built more than 80 years ago by farmers to protect their fields. Now, these aging levees protect major business centers, residences, and critical public facilities such as roads, bridges, and sewer treatment plants.

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1. How often has Pierce County experienced flooding disasters?
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