Flood Risk Reduction and Watershed Management Economic Stimulus Grants

In an effort to increase safety while stimulating the economy, the Pierce County Flood Control Zone District is making available up to  $2 million in grant funding for projects that reduce the impact of flooding. To qualify for funding, projects must provide a flood reduction and watershed management benefit.  

Funding Guidelines  

Pre-Application Form 

Full Application Form 

Potential eligible projects may include the following: 

• Flood Control or stormwater control improvements

• Community Flood Resiliency projects (e.g. installation of evacuation signage)

• Habitat protection and management

• Culvert improvements

• Watershed management projects

• Structure demolition that supports a larger flood risk reduction project

• Purchase of equipment for flood risk reduction

Native tribes and non-profit organizations are now eligible and encouraged to apply, as well as cities/municipalities including park’s agencies in Pierce County. Pre-applications are due by August 20, 2020 where they will be screened for eligibility. Successful applicants can submit a full application by September 30, 2020, which will be reviewed by a panel equally representing the eligible applicant groups.